Obsessive; Possessive; Compulsive

July 29, 2007

Obsessive is the need to do.

Possessive is the need to have.

Compulsive is the need to be.

An obsession is an unreasonable behaviour that we are driven to do as a pre-occupation that disables us.

Possessiveness is a demeaning belief that we have to have or have to own as a possession, without which we will become incapacitated.

Compulsion is an in-essential, un-necessary need to be who we think we should be, lest we be seen as in-competent.

Our obsessive incapability is due to our disconnection from our ability and causes low self-esteem.

Our possessive incapacity is due to our disconnection from our authority and causes low self-confidence.

Our compulsive incompetence is due to disconnection from our power and causes low self-worth.

Our obsessive acts become our dramas.

Our possessive words become our beliefs.

Our compulsive thoughts become our emotional needs.

Dramas are obsessive acts that disable us.

Beliefs are possessive words that own us and incapacitate us.

Needs are compulsive thoughts that disempower us.

When we feel the essence of our power, we are empowered and inspired with self-worth and no longer need to be compulsive and incompetent.

When we know the meaning of our authority, we are authorised and authenticated with self-confidence and no longer believe that we are possessive and incapacitated.

When we see the reason of our ability, we are enabled and infused with self-esteem and no longer act obsessively, pre-occupied and disabled.


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